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 A, pre-sale preparation: 

1. Ask for details of recorded fault phenomenon, contact person, contact phone number, product name, quantity, address. 
2. According to the customer complaint telephone communication content, reasonable arrangement of maintenance personnel, door-to-door service, according to the fault phenomenon ready items needed for this service. 
Second, the product maintenance inspection process in detail see the attached; 
Three maintenance, field personnel to complete related issues, should fill in the after-sales service information table records the product specifications, product number, the cause of the problem occurred, handling and processing as a result, the presence of legacy, head to the scene of this service to make evaluation and signature confirmation. 
Four, after statistics; After-sales personnel department should pay back the after-sales service information table, the head should be monthly statistics and service quality to make corresponding countermeasures. 
Attachment 1: circuit breaker products field maintenance processes;