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Promote the intelligent power grid

Smart grid has the powerful ability of optimal allocation of resources and the level of good safe and stable operation, can effectively alleviate the energy resources and the contradictions of imbalanced distribution of productive forces, improve the user power supply reliability; Can realize large-scale centralized and decentralized development mode of the large-scale development and utilization of clean energy, promote resource saving and environmental protection; Can achieve highly intelligent power grid scheduling and grid management informationization, the lean, realize power convenient interaction between the user and the power grid, to provide users with personalized intelligent power management service, satisfy the electric cars and other new type of electric power service requirements of users; Implementation is based on power grid, power communications and information network, multi-network integration of telecommunication network, cable network, expand and enhance power system infrastructure ability and range of value-added services; Can drive the related industrial development, the promotion national equipment industry technical level and international competitiveness.

The basic developing trend of the smart grid as the world's power grid, will become China's "twelfth five-year" and the focus of the power grid construction in the future.


Smart grid is the modern advanced sensor measurement technology, communication technology, information technology and control technology applied to power grid, such as depth forming advanced technology and highly integrated modern physical grid power grid, realize the power industry of big changes.

Smart grid development in China will be based on the strong network frame, supported by information platform of communication, by means of intelligent control, including power system of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and utilization and scheduling six links, cover all voltage grade, realize the height of the "power flow, information flow, business flow" integration.

"Twelfth five-year" period, we will focus on developing smart grid technology innovation and pilot application, the system on the basis of summary and evaluation of the smart grid pilot project, to speed up the revision consummates the related standard, each link coordinate orderly rapid advance. During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", smart grid technology and equipment to further improve performance, strive to main technical indicators are among the world top, intelligent international leading level.



The smart grid development key

Intelligent power generation. Research advanced state of power control, monitoring, diagnosis and optimizing operation control technology, strengthen the factory cta mixer network coordination, improve the level of power system safe and economic operation, to develop "digital power plant technology research and demonstration", accelerate the expert management system application, comprehensive promotion of the operation and management level of power plant. And speed up the clean energy generation (dg) in power system control technology research, to carry out the scenery storage transmission joint demonstration project, mass parallel operation to provide technical support for clean energy; Promote the capacity of energy storage technology research, to meet the need of rapid development intermittent power supply.

Intelligent transmission. At all levels of power grid based on the coordinated development of strong power grid, gradually achieve transmission link modular, running state of reconnaissance, design, digital, networked information standardization and application of the full implementation of transmission line state overhaul, and the whole life cycle management, the construction of power transmission equipment condition monitoring system, widely used in flexible ac transmission technology.

Intelligent substation. Digitized substation links gradually achieve total station, communication network, standardization, advanced application interactive information sharing, the grid operation data real-time gathering and sharing, support grid real-time control, intelligent adjustment and all kinds of advanced application, implement the total life cycle management concept, speed up the hub center for intelligent substation and modification.

Intelligent power distribution. Using advanced computer technology, power electronics technology, digital control system technology, flexible and efficient communication technology and sensor technology, realization of power distribution network power flow, information flow, business flow of the two-way operation and highly integrated, built with integrated, interactive, self-healing, compatible, and optimization features of intelligent power distribution system, improve the distribution network flexible refactoring, tide optimization and the ability to embrace renewable energy. To speed up the micro network technology demonstration promotion, satisfies the requirement of distributed generation access, improve the distribution network reliability.

Electricity intellectualization. Building intelligent electricity service system, realize the modernization of marketing management operation and marketing business intelligence application; Based on the two-way interaction time-sharing electricity power service, achieve grid two-way interaction with customers, improve customer service quality, satisfy diversified customers' needs. Promote intelligent home, intelligent community, and electric vehicles in areas such as technology innovation and application, improve the end user can use patterns, improving power efficiency and improve the proportion of electricity in terminal energy consumption. Built in 2015, the national electric vehicle in power plant more than 1000, more than 500000 charging piles.

Intelligent scheduling. To adapt to the intelligent power system safe and reliable operation, flexible coordination, quality and efficient, economic and environmental protection requirements, building covers the grid exergue mode analysis, plan before checking, real-time scheduling run three links such as scheduling security line of defense, realize data transmission network, monitoring panoramic view, the safety evaluation of dynamic operation and dispatching decision-making, operation control, automation, network factory coordination optimization has the international leading level, the independent innovation development construction integration intelligent scheduling technology support system, an intelligent scheduling system of the integration.



Information and communications support platform

Construction is characterized by packtized, networked, intelligent, safe and reliable, reasonable structure, the coverage of all of the large capacity, high speed communication network; Optimize the network structure, increase the intensity of resource integration, build and perfect the backbone optical transmission network; Accelerate the construction of power distribution and electricity link communication network, the realization of power fiber to the home, established between the user and the smart grid real-time, interactive, open and flexible communication network, to meet the requirements of the intelligent information platform of power system for communication. "Twelfth five-year" period, the city of new residential users 100% optical fiber to the home, covering more than 28 million subscribers.






Smart grid, connotation and development goals