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Electric power equipment supply capacity analysis

From the national power to analyze the overall production scale, during the "twelfth five-year" and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" will be put into production around 480 million kw and 450 million kw, an annual production of 96 million kw and 96 million kw, corresponding to power generation equipment package supply capacity of 120 million kw. China's current largest supply capacity can reach 130 million kilowatts, generally can meet the demand of the next decade power generation equipment, structural shortages still exist, but need to accelerate the structural adjustment of power generation equipment manufacturing capacity. Among them: 



Water and electricity equipment. Current hydropower unit annual production capacity of 20 million kilowatts, during the "twelfth five-year" and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" conventional hydropower annual 22 million kw and 11 million kw turn-key supply ability, through effectively organize production or a small amount of import can basically meet the demand. During the "twelfth five-year", "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" pumped storage units will need to have annual 8 ~ 9, 300000 kilowatt complete unit in our country at present already have 300000 mw pumped storage unit independent manufacturing qualification and ability, need to speed up the absorption of innovation, improve the ability of complete sets of production as soon as possible. 


At present has formed in the electricity, the east electricity as the main body, in tianjin, hangzhou and across the country, a number of small and medium-sized enterprise is complementary, basic constitute a relatively complete, ranked among the top of the world's hydropower equipment manufacturing system. Domestic enterprises have the capacity for independent design and manufacture of large complete sets of hydropower equipment, and has reached the advanced world level. Ha electricity, tepco first cooperation with foreign enterprises development in the three gorges left bank unit, and then developed design and manufacturing unit 8 sets of three gorges right bank, the hydroelectric generating set manufacturing level and ability of our country has the international competitiveness, for China's large hydropower manufacturing industry from weak to strong, one of the world first-class power widen the roads and laid a solid foundation. 

16 sets of large, such as national organization the guangdong huizhou pumped storage power station of bundled tender, through the introduction of technology, manufacturing of cooperation, in the first half of 2010 ha electric manufacturing to complete the first set of domestic large pumped storage power station project in China - anhui xiangshui jian 250000 mw unit, marks the first domestic manufacturer fully independent design, independent manufacture 300000 kw grade pumped storage unit. 


Thermal power equipment. Coal-fired units annual production capacity has reached 70 million kilowatts, and annual during the "twelfth five-year" and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" sets of 67 million kw and 56 million kw supply ability, total can meet the needs; Need to optimize the structure, as soon as possible, an additional 600000 mw and 1 million mw supercritical especially ultra supercritical unit supply complete sets of production capacity, increase the supply of complete sets of production capacity of 600000 kilowatt air cooling unit, an increase of 600000 mw circulating fluidized bed boiler supply complete sets of production capacity. Gas turbine cycle, 9 f grade capacity of 39 ~ 400000 kw, localization rate is above 70%, but hot parts design and manufacturing technology for foreign monopoly, to conquer, a comprehensive grasp as soon as possible. 


Have achieved in our country from 300000 mw, 300000 mw subcritical 600000 mw and 1 million mw of the transition of supercritical and ultra supercritical units, of which 600000 mw supercritical equipment already mass production, and bulk exports. 300000 mw circulating fluidized bed boiler, which is based on sichuan baima power plant, a joint introduction of France's alstom technology, Shared by the three big boiler factory, can now mass production. On the basis of 300000 kilowatts, and developed the domestic 600000 mw circulating fluidized bed boiler, power generation equipment part of the performance index has already surpassed the conventional level abroad. 


Thermal power though the total manufacturing capacity has been able to meet the needs of the planning, but still need to be further optimized structure. As the coal base construction and efficient clean northern generator construction, need to increase the large air cooling unit, super (super) criticality unit, loop fluidized bed manufacturing capacity of the unit. 



Nuclear power equipment. Nuclear power unit annual production capacity of 10 million kilowatts, have production CNP300, CNP600, or preliminary have CPR1000, AP1000, CAP1400, and the ability to EPR170 seven kinds of models. CNP300 and CNP600 have intellectual property rights, localization rate can reach more than 90% and 80% respectively; CPR1000 belong to the second generation product, localization rate of more than 80%; AP1000 belongs to the three generations of products, and customized based on four units project integrated localization rate of 55%, by relying on the construction of the project, the follow-up project localization rate can reach more than 70%; CAP1400 autonomization models will be introduced into technology; EPR170 belongs to the three generations of imports, domestic subcontract manufacturing, localization rate can reach 50%. Overall judgment, to speed up the grasp core technology and improve the ability of the third generation of nuclear power supply complete sets of equipment. 


At present our country has been developed by the first phase of qinshan 300000 mw and 600000 mw pressurized water reactor qinshan phase ii nuclear power equipment, 600000 kilowatts of nuclear power localization rate has reached more than 70%. Ling ao phase ii million kilowatt nuclear localization rate would rise to 70%. The main equipment of nuclear power equipment, the main auxiliary equipment, instrument control, etc., most has independent intellectual property rights, and basic form Shanghai, northeast and three nuclear power equipment manufacturing base in sichuan province. Countries in recent years increased the support for nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprise technical innovation. With a heavy, double 16000 tons of hydraulic press, 15000, 16500 tons of hydraulic press, as well as the three major groups of eastern nansha, Shanghai lingang, electric qinhuangdao nuclear power base of the technical transformation, manufacturing capacity in the mega kilowatt nuclear power unit in China is also improved significantly. 

Nuclear equipment manufacturing localization is an important assurance for large-scale development of nuclear power. The overall ability of China's localization of nuclear power equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Although our country has initially formed Shanghai, Harbin, sichuan three nuclear power equipment manufacturing base, but the master of related technologies and manufacturing capacity of ascension requires a process. In core parts and important nuclear grade materials (including welding) core components and important nuclear grade materials (including welding) imports is a bottleneck restricting the development of China's nuclear power on a large scale rapid, need to conquer and master some key technology. 

With full access to the construction phase of the four AP1000 nuclear power unit of the world's first (Taiwan), no reference standard, therefore, to build process is also of AP1000 in engineering design, equipment manufacture and inspection process of engineering construction, third generation nuclear power technology AP1000, etc imported digesting and absorbing still needs a long process. 

Wind power equipment. The current wind turbine production capacity has reached 11 million kilowatts, is expected to increase during the period of "twelfth five-year" to 15 million kw, and fully meet the domestic demand, at the same time to focus on to conquer converter device, control system, bearing parts, such as to increase production. Main models for direct-drive, half a direct-drive, capacity of 1 mw, 1.5 mw, 2 mw, 3 mw, 5 mw, etc. Land 3 mw, sea 5 mw will be the main models. 


The national development and reform commission by 100000 kw or more large wind power concession bidding project, accelerate the process of the localization of wind power equipment, domestic fan has been able to batch operation, the fan localization rate has reached 85.7%. Wind power construction in our country and fan manufacturing has formed the industrialization trend, has developed the 1 ~ 5 mw models, such as wind power development is accelerated after the world's advanced level. 


Because the most wind power manufacturing enterprises in our country at present is given priority to with assembly, converter device, control system, bearings and other parts, also cannot achieve customized production. So combining with the characteristics of wind power development planning and wind resources in China and strengthen the development and application of main models and promote its industrialization. 

Power transmission and transformation equipment. "Twelfth five-year" period, the production of 110 kv and above line 460000 kilometers, about 2.5 billion kva substation capacity, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the national production of 110 kv and above line 430000 kilometers, about 2.3 billion kva substation capacity. Conventional power transmission and transformation equipment supply capacity can meet the needs of the engineering, the key is to further perfect the ultra-high voltage and dc key equipment manufacturing technology, improve the production capacity, meet the requirements of power grid development. 


In ac power transmission and transformation equipment, the 500 kv ehv power transmission and transformation equipment design and manufacturing level is close to or reached the international level. Through the northwest power grid demonstration projects of 750 kv ac power transmission and transformation, and cooperative manufacturing and the introduction of foreign technology, our country has mastered the 750 kv ac transmission equipment manufacturing technology. Southeast shanxi to jingmen in recent state grid corporation 1 million kv high-voltage main equipment in the bidding, including 8 sets of transformer, 3 sets of switch, 15 sets of reactor respectively by domestic companies won the bid, confirm the domestic enterprises develop the strength of ascension. 

As large hydropower base, base for wind power, nuclear power, coal base construction, need through the electricity across the country to achieve the optimal allocation of power resources, the future need to build a number of uhv line, therefore, needs to further perfect the ultra-high voltage and dc key equipment manufacturing technology, improve production supply capacity, can meet the requirements of large power grid planning and development.