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To promote coordinated development of urban and rural power grid

Township power distribution network is an important infrastructure of urban and rural areas. After "15" and "11th five-year plan" major construction and retrofit, increased urban and rural power distribution network structure in China, equipment conditions continue to improve, the quality of power supply and power supply reliability has improved significantly. But overall, influenced by capital, system and so on, many parts of the distribution network in our country, especially in the rural power grid construction still lags behind economic development, the low technical level, the weak link, the problem such as poor equipment, more can not meet the requirement of the regional development and improve people's living standard, the need to "twelfth five-year" period, further increasing investment, speed up the construction. 



Development goals -- 

"Twelfth five-year" period, further strengthening the construction of the distribution network voltage level, achieve the space truss structure is reasonable, flexible operation, simplify the voltage levels, safe and reliable power supply. Most of the city form 220 or 110 kv double loop network frame, 500 kv substation (or 330) into urban load center and form 500 (or 330) kv ring network structure, between 500/220 or 330/110 kv power network operation of electromagnetic loop network, low voltage power distribution network with "hand in hand" the loop power supply or dual power supply. Preliminary hub for the center, built 220 kv voltage grade (66/35 kv) of 110 kv voltage grade is given priority to rack strong rural distribution network, medium voltage distribution network from the county seat ring network power supply, power grid power supply capacity, technology and equipment level and further improve the reliability, meet the economic and social development in rural areas and new rural construction needs. Urban and rural power distribution network load than meet the requirements of the guide, promote miniaturization, oil-free, insulation, less maintenance, energy-saving and intelligent devices (exemption), intelligent power distribution network level increased significantly. 

By 2015, the national urban user power will reach more than 99.935%, rural users power will reach more than 99.765%. City user power will reach more than 99.955%, 2020 rural electric user power supply reliability is above 99.810%. 



Development focus -- 

To strengthen the construction of key cities for the power grid. To strengthen the construction of power grids at all levels, space truss structure is reasonable, flexible operation, safe and reliable. To improve power supply reliability, especially to improve the power supply reliability of city center. Strengthen the cohesion and communication and municipal planning, ensure the smooth construction of power transmission and transformation project. 

Earnestly upgrade the construction of a new site. Adhere to the integration of urban and rural power grid planning, promote the development of the integration of urban and rural power grid. According to the national unification deployment, a new round of comprehensive retrofit upgrade project. Increasing the financial input in rural distribution network, to ensure that 2012 years ago, not modified basic transformation of rural power grid in place, to solve the problem of the new rural power supply ability is insufficient, to better protect rural residents living power, agricultural production facilities utilization problem basically solved, the full realization of household electricity, eliminate the population without electricity, and no electricity. 

Reactive optimization of distribution network configuration. Rational allocation of reactive power compensation capacity, reasonable arrangement of reactive power equipment operation, improve the distribution network voltage quality, guarantee the safe and stable operation of power grid, reduce power losses. 

Application and energy saving technology. Preferred standardization, miniaturization, less maintenance and maintenance equipment; Using large cross-section heat conductors and with more towers circuit design, reduce line corridors area; Using standardized design, compact, and the large capacity substations, save substation occupies. 

Research on application of micro power grid technology. Cooperate with distributed energy development, research and development of energy storage device, power conversion device, related to load and monitoring, protection and other key equipment and micro power grid control, protection and management technology. To speed up the distributed power and micro grid pilot application, meet the thermal trigeneration, roof photovoltaic, small wind, comprehensive utilization of biogas power generation, biomass power generation, such as distributed power access, improve energy efficiency and security of power supply reliability