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The old power plant shut down power supply in summer

As the rolling heat wave 13 states in the north, to the United States, the local regional power grid electricity demand to an all-time high, but no power shortage and rolling blackouts. However, the New York times reported that, as the United States more strict air quality regulations gradually implemented in the future, the situation of the power supply equilibrium will be gone forever. 

To meet the peak demand for electricity, the eastern U.S. state of utilities used dozens of fifties and sixties of the 20th century from coal-fired power plants, and lots of acid gases, smoke from the burning of coal, mercury and arsenic will take in the atmosphere. And according to the epa issue and the formulation of laws and regulations, the latest large coal-fired power plant is expected to close in the next few years. 

The New York times, said it is unclear how many coal-fired power plant will be shut down, the overall power losses are difficult to determine, for how to satisfy the demand of the future in the summer are not making any measures. The epa estimates that on November completed a study into the toxins in the air and mercury rules will likely lead to 10000 megawatts of power loss, about 1% of the nation's power capacity. But electricity experts believe that the laws and regulations, combined with the other provisions of the upcoming, might have a greater effect, 48000 megawatts to 48000 megawatts of power losses, the total generating capacity of 3.5% to 7%. 

Opposed to this, most of the coal fired power plants. In the southern United States electric power company, said, according to the proposed new laws and regulations, the company 4000 mw coal-fired power plants will be forced to retire. Coal plants close to cause a decline in electricity and power reliability, for consumers and the economy as a whole will have a significant impact in the United States. 

American electric power company, said its need to shut down power plant installed capacity of 6000 megawatts, although most of the power plant was scheduled is going to retire, but the epa regulations to speed up the closure process. 

American environmental protection bureau deputy director Robert? Mooring and Arthur's (Robert w. Perciasepe), said the epa to move quickly through legislation, to provide a reasonable utility program. Environmental protection bureau management power plant emissions of more than 40 years, the need to keep the stable region, has granted a delay shut down or has issued a release order. 

However, the industry express concern about the new regulations still. PJM interconnected power grid companies to demand new record on July 21, the company believes that the epa's move to underestimate the need to shut down power plant generating capacity, the grid stability at risk, power companies at the same time not enough flexibility or time to solve the problem of localization of potential power grid stability. 

Natural gas plants are most likely to replace the coal-fired power plants, but the power company complained that if schedule according to the environmental protection bureau, will not be able to decide whether to shut down or upgrade of old power plants, also have no time to build new power plants. 

FBR bank analyst mark? Ke are provided according to Seth (Marc DE Croisset) that uncertainty is derived from the closed power plant size is too big, the new peak will impact on power grid planning. 

In the eastern United States, the power output area generally adjacent to the electric power consumption area, if some plants disappear, you need new power plants or transmission lines. At the same time, the peak power supply will also be a thorny problem, because most of the new power from wind, and in the hot summer, wind almost does not work. Experts say that the most wind power generated in windy winter night, if found in alternative measures before moratorium on the older power plants, power demand could exceed supply, causing intermittent power shortages. 

Electric power company is not willing to release shut down another reason for old power plants is due to the various enterprises are waiting for a competitor's decision. If rivals out of business, the price will rise, survivors can gain enough income to upgrade the expensive. Ke are provided in accordance with the saite, said electric power company is undergoing a great game, see who can stand in the end.