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 HIGHLIGHT ELECTRIC company was founded in 1956, is located in Naples, Italy, the company focus on the modern design and production technology, combined with the marketing and production of high-quality staff team. Highlight in the development process has always been competitive power system equipment manufacturers. Company from the date of creation, namely, to establish the users with high quality service for the idea, committed to the development and production of electric power industry products. 

Highlight into China in 2011, in order to adapt to the Chinese market, set up in wuxi  highlight electric (wuxi) co., LTD., is committed to provide high quality service for Chinese power system, the technical characteristics for enclosed a column and intelligent vacuum circuit breaker and solid ring network cabinet as main products. After several years of investment and development has professional r&d team, let Highlight moment in the circuit breaker industry leading position, has the excellent products such as HLV models. 

The company's operating goal is to become a sustainable development, with the professional company of customers grow up together, vacuum circuit breaker with enclosed extremely columns and solid insulation ring network cabinet as a foundation for operation and service, with customers to achieve complement each other for a long time cooperation mode, enables the company to steady and continuous development, and become the industry's most outstanding enterprises. We will be together with you for China's power industry, energy saving and intelligent, automation application continuously introduce new materials, new technologies, new products and efforts! Highlight focus on the needs of users, in order to safety, environmental protection as the foundation of enterprise, innovation, high quality is the enterprise idea, Highlight with you hand in hand altogether will create the future.